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LYRICSTEK - Hindi and Punjabi Song Lyrics

LyricsTek is a website where you can find Hindi Song Lyrics, Punjabi Songs Lyrics, South Indian Song Lyrics, Bengali Song Lyrics and English Song Lyrics.

We at Lyrics Tek provides up-to-date lyrics of latest song with other details.

Well, this one paragraph says pretty much about us, but scroll down to see some interesting things you can know about us and the Lyrics in general.

Why we provide LYRICS? Do Lyrics have any importance?

LYRICSTEK - Hindi and Punjabi Song Lyrics

Music is more than strings of sounds and beats pleasing to the ear. It is way more than that. Music is art, and like all art forms, music connects greatly to the listener.

The music grabs listeners until they can relate completely with the words even if they’ve never been in the situation the song is about.

What make music even better for the listener is the lyrics. That’s why Lyricstek.com is a website dedicated to providing lyrics.

Lyrics are an essential part of a song, and they are the words that make up a song, they carry a message and convey it through melodious voice and note.

It’s no surprise many always check up the lyrics to the songs they love.

Lyricstek.com has made this easier.

On this platform, you will find lyrics of different kinds with the main focus being Hindi Song Lyrics and Punjabi Song Lyrics.

The Main Category – Hindi Lyrics(Bollywood and Non-Film)

We have a huge list of Hindi Song lyrics and Bollywood song lyrics along with the video and audio track for every song, and our list is regularly expanding as you are reading this.

Hindi songs form a significant component of Indian pop music.

Many of the Hindi songs feature in Bollywood along with sensational lyrics that well up emotions in you.

The lyrics draw inspirations from several sources such as human emotions especially love and romance, societal issues, personal story, and so much more.

Music in Bollywood movies adds to the excitement and enjoyability of movies.

No doubt, understanding the lyrics adds to the love for the movie and the song.

There is something about Hindi lyrics, especially for Hindi Film songs that make the movie experience better so that when the movie is over, the songs continue to reach the souls.

Hindi song lyrics are usually in various languages notably Hindi and Urdu. Also, it is normal to hear English words from modern Hindi music.

Now-a-days there is trend emerging as many Punjabi songs is used in the Bollywood movies.

Hindi and Bollywood song lyrics accentuate moods, comment on a theme, serve as an interior monologue, and provide a better understanding of a situation, especially in movies.

Most of the Hindi lyrics are written by distinguished poets who make them so deep, connecting greatly with the audience.

Category 2 – Punjabi Song Lyrics

LYRICSTEK - Hindi and Punjabi Song Lyrics

Punjabi music is gaining a rise in popularity inside and even outside of India. They are sometimes used for Bollywood and are trending worldwide.

From Mankirat Aulakh to Gurdas Maan Sahab to Guru Randhawa to Amrender Gill, Punjabi lyrics are very soulful. The lyrics often reflect the nature and people of the Punjabis.

They sometimes reflect the true mood and culutre of India.

On Lyrics Tek, we provide the Latest Punjabi Song Lyrics from the most popular form of Punjabi songs like pop, rock, and Punjabi film songs.

At Lyrics Tek you can find the Punjabi Song Lyrics of major Punjabi artists like Gurdas Maan, Yo Yo Honey, Miss Pooja, Bohemia, Jazzy B, Guru Randhawa and many more artists from the Punjabi music industry.

Other Categories beside Punjabi and Hindi Lyrics?

At Lyrics Tek, Besides Punjabi and Hindi Song lyrics, other lyrics we provide on the website include Bengali Song Lyrics, Tamil Song lyrics, Telugu Song Lyrics, Malayalam song lyrics, English Song lyrics, and so on.

Okay we provide Lyrics, But are they really important? I Mean, many of us wonder why Lyrics Are Important?

We understand the importance of the lyrical content of songs and the importance of knowing them that is why our platform stays above to provide the lyrics to your favorite songs.

The music describes the human emotions and conditions, describes the joy and pain, love, and loss.

We feel closer to a musician when they sing something that hits deep in our soul.

Although the melody and notes of a song on their own carry an intense emotion; what makes it whole is the language.

Lyric is a language, and language is the universal and great way to express yourself, communicate, and connect with others.

Lyrics makes it easier

A song with lyrics makes it easy for a listener to understand what he is telling.

If a song was a body, then lyrics are the blood that flows through it. Lyrics are those words you’ve always wanted to say but couldn’t form into words.

Lyrics are the words you sing along to, the word you can relate to, the words that preach, words that frees. It’s also the words out of your heart but through someone else’s mouth.

It is lyrics that give the emotional details of the world and surrounding and then use harmony and melody to communicate.

Also, it common to find that lyrics make listeners feel different things depending on how relatable a listener finds an artist.

So that a lyric that made one listener cried because it evoked a strong emotion in them may be of little meaning to another.

Being understood is one of the greatest feelings and lyrics do that. They describe emotions sometimes similar to a listener, and sometimes, they describe someone’s state of mind.

Lyrics can also be a tool to make people feel strongly about something. For example, the lyrics of gospel songs can make one feel closer to God.

The lyrics of a song campaigning against wrongs in the society can help listeners understand the cause and even get on activism.

Countries have national anthem with lyrics that make citizens feel patriotic, proud, and make them feel strongly about the country.

Lyrics give people the feel to better appreciate a song, the vocals, the beat, and harmony.

Also, lyrics empower people; they have the power to influence people positively.

Many musical legends are known not just because of their incredible voice but because of the messages their songs continue to imprint in people’s life.

Last Lines

You may not understand the purpose of a song without knowing the meaning of the words. It is easy to dance and nod to a song. But the words can bring a whole new vibe, energy, and spirituality.

Therefore, to enjoy a beautiful song, it’s best to take your time to know the lyrics, to understand the words and embrace the music in its whole entirety.

Meanwhile, lyrics be it Hindi Lyrics, Punjabi or Tamil and Telugu Lyrics, they are not hard to find anymore.

Lyricstek, for example, is a website that features lyrics of many songs in diverse languages.

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